We live on a beautiful Island, full of striking beauty and diversity. We also live in a blessed time, as we, a people of faith, hope and love, are invited to raise a renewed banner of love.

It is undeniable and unavoidable that our planet is in season of upheaval, impacting every area of life both socially, generationally and culturally. My friends, it’s our privilege, that into this time of flames and fear, we have been called to be carriers of light and hope. There has never been a more opportune time for us as communities of faith to usher in a spiritual upheaval.

We are a movement of spirit and truth, we are a people of unity and love and we are an island of promise. I am totally convinced that we have gifts and healing to bring to the islands and nations of our world. I am so excited at what will be birthed from our shared stories and our courageous innovation. Every church has a part to play, every family has an offering to give and every individual a gift to bring. For every person who calls this island home, to both experience, share and advance the freedom and peace found only in Jesus, it will require courage and commitment, but together, through Him, all things are possible.

You are invited, regardless of  background, ethnicity, gender or age to rise as one accord, celebrating our uniqueness and empowering individual expression of united faith and love, seeing this island saved and for those ripples to set captive free across the globe.