ACC Tas State Conference 2017 Session Recordings:

Session 1 – Paul de Jong (Thursday 6:00pm)

Session 2 – Dave Morse (Friday 9:00am)

Session 3 – Paul de Jong (Friday 11:30am)

Session 4 – Paul de Jong (Friday 6:00pm)

Session 5 – Mark von Blanckensee (Saturday 8:15am)

Session 6 – Dave Morse (Saturday 9:00am)

Session 7 – Sue Whiteley (Saturday 9:30am)

Session 8 – Paul Geerling (Saturday 11:15am)

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ACC Tas State Conference 2016 Session Recordings:

Session 1 – Danny Guglielmucci (Thursday 7:30pm)

Session 2 – Danny Guglielmucci (Friday 9:00am)

Session 3 – Sanga Samways (Friday 11:15am)

Session 4 – Danny Guglielmucci (Friday 2:15pm)

Session 5 – Sanga Samways (Friday 7:30pm)

Session 6 – Dave Morse (Saturday 9:00am)

Session 7 – Sanga Samways (Team Building) (Saturday 11:15am)

Session 8 – Paul Bartlett (Community Engagement) (Saturday 11:55am)

Session 9 – Sanga Samways (Saturday 12:15pm)

ACC Tas State Conference 2015 Session Recordings:

Thursday Session 1_Joel Cave

Friday Session 2_John McMartin

Friday Session 3_Dave Morse

Friday Session 4_John McMartin

Friday Session 5_Phil Pringle

Saturday Session 6_Joel Cave

Saturday Session 7_Phil Pringle